About me

After finishing my degree in Modern Languages and their Literatures (combination German and Italian) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) in 2019, I decided to study for a Master's degree in Translation Sciences at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Since 2021 I have been an entrepreneur in the world of translation and my dream is, like many people, to make this world a better place to live in. My contribution is to help companies dedicated to ecological tourism, sustainable food, responsible consumption and many others to grow, so that their message can reach more people.

Let me introduce myself

I am María Martín-Peñasco Fuertes, creator of ecotradES. I am a freelance translator based in Germany, and my life is based on these three pillars:


Translation, linguistics... I have been passionate about literature since I was a child, I have been a compulsive reader all my life and I have taken several courses in creative writing.


Ecology, ethical consumerism... Nature has always inspired me in a special way and I believe that it is our responsibility to take care of our home the way it deserves.


Since 2014 I have had my camera with me wherever I go. Photography helps me to reconnect with nature and to focus on the beauty of small details.

*All photos on this website are taken by me. If you are interested in my artistic work, you can follow me on Instagram (@mur_fotos).


 Translation from notice of contract's cancellation DE-ES 05/2022
Translation from privacy notice EN-ES 04/2022
Translation from court order DE-ES 04/2022
Post-editing from general texts EN-ES 04/2022
Translation from legal advice DE-ES 02/2022
Proofreading of general texts DE/IT-ES 01/2022
Translation of general texts DE/IT-ES 12/2021
Translation for the insurance industry EN-ES 11/2021
Translation of a birth certificate DE-ES 11/2021
Proofreading of marketing text/food EN-ES 11/2021
House rules DE-ES 06/2020
Robert Johnson. Hijo del Diablo” (IT “Robert Johnson. Figlio del Diavolo”, Patrizia Barrera) 03/2020
“La testigo de la belleza” (DE “Die Zeugin der Schönheit”, Matthias Wald) 02/2020
“Brillante esperanza – calendario de adviento” (DE “Leuchtende Hoffnung – Adventskalender”, Annemarie Nikolaus et al) 09/2019
Website DE-ES 02/2019
“La ayudante del mago” (DE “Die Gehilfin des Zauberers”, Olga Kryuchkova, Elena Kryuchkova) 09/2018